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Destinos em Floripa

Destinations in Floripa



Undoubtedly, wild and untouched places of Florianópolis are here, accompanied by a good dose of history and tradition ilheus.


Exuberant flora and fauna, untouched and green hills, beaches almost exclusive and bathed in a limpid sea and pollution-free, historic buildings lined with garages fishing boats.


Great places to practice sports, special beaches for surfing, boadyboard, kyte, wind and standup, for the race, or even for that unpretentious walk.



Here the principles of the history of the islet, arriving on the island and the horizon facing the continent. Historic villages by the sea facing the mountains of the continent - the beautiful Mount Cambirela shows all the grandeur of its 1000 meters by the sea.


The typical houses of the Azorean colonization can be seen across the highway route 405 SC; restaurants by the sea, all in gorgeous locations, offering typical dishes of the region.


There are dozens of kilometers by the sea that lead us to the parish of South Bar Caeira, where we can pick up a walking trail that leads to the beautiful and wild beach Shipwrecked, extreme south of Florianópolis.



Here is the early history of the island, where is located the political heart of the state of Santa Catarina. It is actually located in western Santa Catarina Island, between Morro da Cruz and the sea, at the closest point to the mainland.


The center of Florianópolis, unlike most of the capital, has a very preserved, clean and well frequented center with a strong trade and rich and preserved heritage. Located very close to exclusive areas of the city, such as streets Trompovski, Bocaiuva and Avenida Beira Mar Norte. The pedestrian street Felipe Schmidt, the charming commercial street Vidal Ramos, the Mother Church, Praça XV, the public market, all pleasant places to enjoy.


The postcard, largest and most valuable monument of the Centre, the Hercílio Luz Bridge, was an impressive work of engineering and architecture of the time. Until its opening in 1926, the only way to reach the island of Santa Catarina was crossing the canal by boat.



Here, forward-continent regions covering history, residential neighborhoods of high standard and beautiful beaches with calm waters and pleasant temperature.


Santo Antonio de Lisboa is a beautiful historic village where one can find shops, marinas and fine restaurants serving typical food to exquisite dishes of international food.The beach Daniela is another popular place for families to take advantage of the great bathing beach for children.


Another important beach Jurerê is located here, which has become internationally known for building complex of high standard and sustainable urbanization Jurerê International, planned, wooded and clean neighborhood. The mansions that there are, in addition to imported cars and partying, gave Jurere the Brazilian Miami nickname. During the summer, the beach becomes synonymous with young, beautiful and rich people.



Local traditional beaches of Canasvieiras and British, points to much hype and movement, currently form a dense population of the region throughout the year, having very strong trade and becoming much sought after in summer and crowded beaches. Are preferred Florianopolis beaches of the Southern Cone tourists during the high season, Canasvieiras and British saw a true beachside retreat for families and young Argentines, Uruguayans and Paraguayans.


Are located also in the north of the island the das Canas Ponta beaches with its calm, clear waters, the beach of North Pond, beautiful small beach located on the north end of the island of great swimming conditions and amid the crowded beaches of region, still maintains a well preserved natural heritage and Brava Beach, wedged resort amid large mounds and rocks, good for surfing, famous for high-end real estate complexes.


Next to English, with its mandatory access through the British centrinho, we have the charming beach Santinho. Known for the famous tourist complex of Santinho Costão, where occur varied international level events, it is also very popular for surfing - the beach has strong waves, open sea and long sandy track on their part further north, turns into long dune fields.



The northeast of Florianopolis is a mix of wild beaches with historic neighborhoods that have become destination of migrants who came to settle in the city.


The São João do Rio Vermelho neighborhood, ancient countryside of Santa Catarina's capital, today has become a large irregular allotment consists of easements that combines ancient places like the Travessa, the Muquém, Porto, Moçambique and the Forest Park of the Rio Vermelho.


Here also be reached by a dirt road to the beach Mozambique, wide range of totally uninhabited sea, belonging to the Forest of the Rio Vermelho Park, which runs from the beach of Barra da Lagoa up the hill from the Costão, which in its southern part It is called Ponta das Aranhas.

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