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Praias em Floripa

Beaches in Floripa



The Lagoa da Conceição is must see destination on the island of Santa Catarina. The beauty without pair of the place and its multiple facets provide great satisfaction and moments of rare pleasure. There we find great places for sports activities, high gastronomy points, upscale shops, boat tours that lead to the Costa da Lagoa and its beautiful corners and its typical gastronomy.


The beach of Barra da Lagoa, distant only a few kilometers from the heart of the Lagoon is a beautiful and pleasant resort and is considered the largest fishing center of the island, with capacity to receive many vessels. A traditional community, which still keeps alive the cultural roots, such as fishing and the production of twisted (flue and income).



Long stretch of beach that starts and ends at the Joaquina Morro das Pedras, a strip of beach that has throughout its length a great sea for surfing, windsurfing, very good for kite.


Currently, with the development of the island, several real estate projects connect there with the coast, forming an urbanized environment and committed to the natural preservation, enabling a sustainable and enjoyable life.


Many preserved dunes, untouched natural environment, and a small and beautiful fresh water lagoon next to the sea complement the panorama of must-see place to visit.



Part of the natural and historical heritage of the island of Santa Catarina, Morro stones merges a strong spiritual inspiration environment, with the retreat Vila Fatima, with the natural beauty characteristic of the place where the road leading to the site reaches the sea enabling one of the most beautiful sights of the island - and therefore of absolute beauty - and where we can see the mountains of the south of the island that plunge into the sea.


There we can climb the hill for access to the retreat dependencies and view up the beauty of the scene where border the beautiful and pleasant Lagoa do Peri, large freshwater source pollution-free island surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra National Park board. The location is perfect for watching the whales that often visit the region in July and August every year. Sea, mountain, pond, presence of God and good works of man are a lovely atmosphere and a must to visit in Florianopolis.


Photos and captions for the retreat Vila Fatima may be this:
"The retreat of Vila Fatima is a beautiful building and preserved, open to the public and free, created by the Jesuits for spiritual growth and dissemination of the work of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the order for more than 500 years has been guiding the Christian world "



Beach of fine white sand with a sea that goes from the choppy waves, suitable for surfing, the calm sea where the islet fisherman anchor their boat, the beach of the frame is a beautiful part of the southern island, where you can see its little church by the sea founded in the eighteenth century or take a walk on the small island there next to the small bar that separates the beautiful and wild beach Matadeiro, another tourist attraction in the frame.


The beach Matadeiro is a small and beautiful small beach surrounded by mountains, almost without settlement, which can only be reached on foot, from the frame, or by boat. It has good waves for surfing and there one can find the traditional cuisine of the island in small establishments to the sea.



Beach also known as South Marsh easel. The term frame means the whaling activity, very important activity in the history of the island. Because it is a large beach, approximately 3km long, sandy strip ranging from five to one hundred meters wide, it has different characteristics at various points.


In the northeastern part, the Hill Swamp, known as hill of the cemetery, forms a cove that protects this piece of beach action of the winds. In this area, the sea is calm and gains depth gradually. The waves die gently along the beach. It's recommended for those looking for a quiet swim with children or the elderly.


The southwestern portion of the beach opens to the ocean, with rough waters and conducive to surfing.



On the road to Barra da Lagoa, Lagoa-Barra way, Praia Mole is a place of great hype, with the presence of young and healed guys, small and rugged small beach, great for surfing, but with great bars across the border, where, even without consuming, you can enjoy the sounds of bands and DJs the sea.


Shore in South Beach Mole is common to see paragliders pilots using the slopes as takeoff ramp, from where making it even more beautiful the scenery of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. For its natural features, the Mole, as well as Joaquina, is home to championship steps of surfing and other water sports.


Caution is recommended for bathing, the characteristics of the sea, which is quite strong, pulls a lot and sinks quickly.



The Joaquina beach is surfing the temple of the island. It is the beach of large waves that have been dropped by big surfing names, being the seat of national and even world championships, events that gave international recognition to Joaquina.


In the way of 'Joaca' we can see the big dunes that border the beach, where you can rent sandboarding boards for the sport which, incidentally, it is said that that was where it originated.


The Joaquina has a length of three thousand meters and a strip of sand between 8m and 80m. The sands are white and fine. It has the same characteristics of the Sea of Praia Mole: is strong, brave and treacherous.

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