Its leisure options and good living, its unparalleled natural beauty combined with alternative cultural environment that settled here make the island an unforgettable place.


The hospitality and friendliness of islet mixed people to the presence of people of the most varied backgrounds coming contributing on the island of magic, form a pleasant environment to live.

Thus the Floripa Scooter thought an easy and comfortable scooter rental system. Our goal is to provide you a pleasant and sustainable way to explore all the beauties of the island.



The satisfaction that we get to see the beautiful, the need to meet the new and the other, to find links that open our minds to new experiences and knowledge, the advancement of the soul.


Florianópolis, magic island, numerous options for getting to know, seek new ways to discover at every turn pictures and beauties that mark our minds forever. Scooter Floripa a means to achieve this.


We are a passionate team of Florianopolis!!